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Labours 5 Point Plan for Jobs

Labour have announced a 5 point plan to create jobs and Margaret Curran has launched a tartan version. The ‘PlanMcBrit’ has only one point within the current powers of the Scottish Government which in itself is interesting. But the point itself is a contradiction in terms: it calls on the Scottish Government to increase capital expenditure on infrastructure projects AND increase funding for colleges.

Muddled seems to sum up Scottish Labours thinking just now. The Scottish Government is set to see a 36% cut in it’s capital budget by 2014 but has vowed to continue increasing this in order to support economic growth. In order to do this it has in part moved money from day to day spending to capital budgets. So where is the extra money for more college funding going to come from? Scottish Labour cannot have its cake and eat it. If it has a secret plan to find money for extra spending in Scotland why doesn’t it share it with us all?

Of course, if we had the increased borrowing powers the Scottish Government is calling for (or ffa or independence) this wouldn’t be such a problem. Don’t hold my breath on Margaret Curran acknowledging this anytime soon though.